Is “Good” Good Enough for SAFC’s Attendance Figures?


Image: Steve Aibel, / Pitch Black News

In its inaugural season, San Antonio FC has drawn respectable crowds to Toyota Field and finds itself near the top of the United Soccer League attendance table, but there’s still room for improvement.

If you’ve been listening to our podcast here at Pitch Black, you’ll know that Kyle and Aaron talk fairly often about SAFC’s attendance numbers. They’ve been quite positive regarding the numbers, while occasionally conceding that they could be better. For the most part, I agree; the numbers are good, but they’re certainly not perfect.

Through 10 home games in league play, SAFC has a total attendance of 63,218, averaging just under 6,322 per game. Their attendance peaked in the home opener, which drew 8,466 people, and has dipped as low as 4,593 (though that was on a Thursday night; 5,855 is the lowest attendance for a weekend game). SAFC…

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